The matrix of feelings – for Experimance Festival

The pandemic time turned out to be a moment for us, people of that civilization, in which have started to observe this world more closely, and now we have too look inside us, into our own depths, and there – oh – so many things happen there…

The matrix of feelings – is our reaction to the lockdown, to the feelings, which has become similar to an unbridled river. Do we know where we are sailing on this waves of our own emotions? Our music and txt are the starting point for the performance, it is also the content of the performance. By enumerating opposing emotions – we remind about the multitude of interpretations of reality that we can found inside of us. Music is the carrier of this message, and the text is a kind of light, a pleasant therapeutic action for everyone.

We offer a performance that comes in form of a mini-concert.

Time approx. 20 minutes.

Form – concert, I recite and sing to music composed by Wojciech Bura. We use samples and live instruments. The music is trance, it is looped and pulsating with life, it is adapted to the energy of the place and the audience. I enumerate all possible emotions in a sequence that I have created, in which the issue of acceptance is the most important. Accepting an inner world full of conflicting feelings is the key. I accept to all my (and yours) mental states and the physical state of body and encourage the audience to share their emotions.

What do they feel, have they agreed to it?

Miłka Malzahn & Wojciech Bura –  we are two artists who, during the pandemic, decided to create a project in which we combine literature and music.


      The matrix of feelings - czyli od miłości do.... - Miłka Malzahn&Wojciech Bura

I am excited to let you know that Issue 10 Continue the Voice with that poem is out now!



We are a duo, only – so there is no need for a special stage. We want to be close to people, and ask them to add to our list of emotions their names of what they feel, in their native language.

In the – The matrix of feelings – we will use English, Polish and Russian, but we will react to the moods of the audience, and we will weave the words thrown by the audience into the song. In this way, the our matrix of feelings will become common event, and the action – will be an attempt of understaning everyone.

During the performance we do not use any costumes, we are like passers-by, like people you can meet on your way, just to talk about important matters for a while and … then go further, but in a different mood, with a different attitude to the world.

We can play this mini-concert in different places, several times, so that gig could be a special, unique conversation with the audience.

This is a  demo, a fragment of the song- The matrix of feelings, the final version will be much more interesting, there will be of course a space for audience, and participation.

We know that we are not “discovering America” because America has already been discovered, but now is the time for us to discover ourselves. And you really have to do it. So deeply. Boldly. This is our common human experiment.


Miłka Malzahn – I am the author of 8 fictional books, many journalistic texts, I run the avant-garde podcast channel Diary of Changes (in Polish- Dziennik zmian) and I work as the host of the evening program at Polish Radio Białystok. I recorded two albums, and my songs were also on many compilations (bio in the link – Outside Poland I collaborated with Donna Regina – Dis Cover – Donna Regina As Record ed By Others – a tribute to those 25 years and features.

I took part in the Terra Polska vol.2 festival, Berlin, 2006 and cooperated with the Polish composer Michal Jacaszek

One of my short stories „State of Trepidation” (translated by Urszula Humienik-Dworakowska) can be found in the „Versopolis Review” which collects 15 stories about the poetic and problematic customs of just as many European nations.

and I am still looking for new ways to broadcast good and important content.

Wojciech Bura – is a musician and sound engineer, he worked on music productions in Poland and London, and now in Poland (in the Podlasie region) he has a small rural recording studio in his small, country house.

We do things like this:  – this is a story about what happens in our timeline, it’s also a story about where we record and how art can be a form of rescue (that’s right). This literary-musical work: „Timeline – line of sound” became a part of the exhibition Challenge 2020 at Art Gallery – Jan Tarasin. Curator: Joanna Dudek

Best Regards

Miłka Malzahn & Wojciech Bura

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