pierwsze anglojęzyczne tłumaczenie

zaczynam 2019 rok 😉

Beautiful Dreams By Miłka O. Malzahn Translated by Kamila Walker

o jeju, jeju, jakie dobre wieści w nowym roku !!!!!
Mam świetne tłumaczenie mojego opowiadania w wielce szacownym periodyku 😉 Australijskim 🙂
Contemporary Polish Short Stories in English
Kamilla Walker
strona 85 – 101 :0


PS. wrzucam zdjęcie z Dorota Sokołowska, żeby generalnie nam, piszącym się w tym roku wspaniale i dobrze pisało 🙂

Beautiful Dreams By Miłka O. Malzahn Translated by Kamila Walker

The day after my death I saw my mother curled up in a chair with her dry lips pressed tightly together. She was in sorrow, much too heavy for her to bear. In the room next door my two little daughters played all too quietly, just shuffling their toys and speaking to each other softly. I was worried. I was very worried about them. Worried so much that my (dead) body ached. I didn’t, however, look into their room, instead I stayed with my mother. She was 59, she wasn’t old, it wasn’t an age to give up all together. In truth she looked 65, for she had been fighting an illness for some years now, which three years ago had required surgery. She had had her skull opened up. It’s called a craniotomy. Such a neutral term for such a personal nightmare. The craniotomy only partially helped, because the dreadful migraines, which had once started from the back of the head slowly enveloping my whole mother, were now starting at the faded sutures. During migraine attacks, my mother would first vomit and then lie motionless under a light duvet in a dark room. Usually for up to three to four days. (…) cdn